Our lifestyle: healthy enjoyment, less sugar, great taste

Foods and beverages with no added sugar, low added sugar, with natural sweeteners. Suitable for diabetics.

As a result of eating habits and the immense supply
in a wide variety of foods and drinks, we often unintentionally supply our bodies with too much sugar. The more knowledge we have about certain products, the easier it is to optimize your figure and weight.
The risk of civilization diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vascular diseases) can be reduced by lower sugar intake.
Be aware and consciously avoid foods with a high sugar content and especially refined sugar.

Answer questions

What does sugarEX® stand for?

SUGAREX would like to make a more conscious diet easier for you.
Provide your body with reduced amounts of sugar through appropriately improved foods and beverages.

What can you do for sugarEX®?

Make other people aware that high sugar consumption can be harmful. We strive to develop products optimized according to SUAREX criteria so that you can enjoy with a good feeling.

What does sugarEX® offer its cooperation partners?

SUGAREX is a self-explanatory brand that can be used for numerous products. The brand is registered in the EU (and UK), Switzerland, Australia and USA.

What criteria must products meet for which a sugarEX® license can be purchased?

Food and Beverages:

  • no added sugar
  • with little added sugar
  • with significantly reduced sugar content compared to the product introduced on the market
  • with nature-based sweeteners that the metabolism can process

How can sugarEX® help with this?

In everyday life we ​​are exposed to many temptations, when you keep thinking about the SUGAREX philosophy and use one of the growing number of SUGAREX products, the sugar intake is "automatically" reduced.

Does sugarEX® issue licenses?

Yes, the first license agreements have been concluded. We intend to issue additional product-specific licenses.