less sugar - better life

Food and Beverages:

no added sugar, with less sugar, suitable for diabetics
and with sugar substitutes that the body's metabolism can process.

There are numerous products (food, beverages) that are not expected to contain added sugar, sweeteners or sugar substitutes: e.g. mustard, muesli, pizza, tonic water, smoothies, flavored water.
We would like to sharpen your attention and create products that meet our criteria!
sugarEX: Our way to more vitality and well-being!

  • No added sugar

    Products without any added sugar are clearly our favourites.

  • Natural sweetness

    There are many ways to avoid refined sugar these days. An example of our sugarEX sticks for sweetening coffee, tea, and and and...you can find them in our shop

  • Products with less sugar than the original

    As a brand manufacturer, you adapt your well-known product, use less sugar:

    such as our partner Rohner Magenbrot AG with its new Magenbrot line "sugarEX"

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Interested in a cooperation?

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sugarEX is ready for cooperation

sugarEX is open to partners from the food, food and beverage sector who want to share and spread the sugarEX philosophy.
Possible partners are: Food groups, retail companies,
Grocery discounters, manufacturers of food, luxury goods and beverages who want to use sugarEX as a trademark for product lines in the food, food and beverage sector or document that they contain less sugar than the original product by adding "sugarEX" to their product packaging.
Manufacturers of food and beverages who produce and possibly sell sugarEX licensed products.
We look forward to working with companies that want to use less sugar in their products!